Boys Lockeroom and Girls Lockeroom

Girlslockeroom #GirlslockerRoom and Boyslockeroom #BoyslockerRoom is trending on social media now a days and we are here to answer your questions regarding Boys locker room and girls locker room case scenario. BoysLockerRoom and GirlsLockerRoom groups are NEWS now a days and there are a lot of people wishing to get the answer "What's this term" girlslockeroom and boys lockeroom so here we have elaborated what is it -

What is BoysLockeroom #BoysLockerRoom ?

BoysLockeroom #BoysLockerRoom is a name of group where a lot of females and accidentally males are involved in body abusing terms and a lot of more like this, This group was generally made for boys and the body shaming and more like this terms were getting highlighted from this group. From somewhere some of the screenshots were leaked and that way everybody was able to have a look of these posh students of Delhi that what are they doing in the group.

What is GirlsLockeroom #GirlsLockerRoom ?

GirlsLockeroom #GirlsLockerRoom is also a group like BoysLockeroom #BoysLockerRoom where boys use to do the same like GirlsLockeroom #GirlsLockerRoom and the screenshots were leaked from somewhere. GirlsLockeroom #GirlsLockerRoom was also a group of people doing bad activities as well as body abusing and sharing screenshots and abusive messages were found in the record but there has not been any action taken regarding this until now and during Coronavirus pandemic this kind of NEWS got everyone in the shock that what was done by posh students of DELHI schools. GirlsLockerRoom #GirlsLockeroom was established for sharing adult messages, Photos, Videos and more keeping in mind that no one has the access everything was done but from somewhere screenshots were disclosed and the groups active doing such stuff got in the eyes of everyone. Catching attention during coronavirus lockdown These LockerRooms groups were active and who knows how many groups are there on the social media doing such activities.

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