Jamia Firing Takes Over The Attention Jamia Milia Firing

Jamia Firing Takes Over The Attention Jamia Milia Firing

A man showed up from somewhere and was showing guns in jamia milia islimia college in delhi. The firing takes a man's life risk and he is injured. Firing in jamia milia islimia is very offensive and everybody is bull***ng this kind of behavior in a college campus. A man got arrested by the Delhi police because he was showing gun in the public place in a offensive manner so the police arrested that person.

Jamia Firing -

Jamia firing injured a man and he is in the hospital currently, A very bad behaviour for a college campus because Jamia is a known college of Delihi and Delhi is capital of India and Jamia firing makes it the worse because if it is India's capital and one the best of the best colleges are having this kind of environment inside, Which parent is gonna make their decision of educating their child in a govt. college like that? We need to understand why jamia firing is happening and who guys are responsible for it we should leave that on police and we can be beware.

Jamia Firing Reason -

Jamia firing reasons are a bad mindset of a person who dared to do such a bad activity in a college campus. No one can not fail to pay attention on this kind of bad behavior and Jamia firing makes it sounds very bad when you are a developing country because this kind of activities are resistances in the progress of the country so Jamia firing is nothing but a bad mindset guy doing wrong things at wrong places. Our military is fighting all the time on the borders just only to protect us and activities like jamia firing in a very reputable country does not fits good.

Jamia firing was a bad impression for the image of our country

Jamia firing kind of things should not happen because if a man freely handing a gun and shouting "Aaja diliata hu aajadi" is a very bad behavior in a college campus. No one is allowed to enter in a college or school with guns or any weapon and this should be applicable for everybody because if this kind of activities will not be stopped as soon as possible Jamia firing was only the worst day we had today maybe we can face more problems in future so we should be beware and we should keep our mindset clean that "This is my India and I love my India" because it is the lands of our father and their fathers so we should respect a land where many good things happen every second but this kind of behavior makes all bad in one shot.

Jamia Firing Action Taken -

The police has already taken action on Jamia firing and the responsible guys are being cared of from now on but the loss is already there which they have already done. Jamia firing is the bad case scenario of our country because people are hating for these colleges for some reasons but this Jamia firing should have not taken place in action because every soluton can be derived when you discuss. Jamia firing takes whole situation to a new level and Jamia firing was not ignored. We can already see the force in action and we should have faith in their work because jamia firing was the very bad one but the police is doing his job and now everything is in control.

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