GST Bhavan Mumbai in Fire
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GST Bhavan Mumbai in Fire

GST Bhavan Mumbai in Fire -

GST Bhavan which is in Mumbai got fire today and the 8th floor of the building has been completly burned. GST Bhavan Mumbai is suffering from fire burn in the building and GST Bhavan Mumbai has called the firefighters for help. More than 5 firefighter vehicles are working to take over but still the building is suffering from fireburn and sources are saying that the 8th floor of building has been completely burned and there were minimal injuries reported until our knowledge. GST Bhavan is the head office for monitoring and taking care of GST in India and today GST Bhavan Mumbai got a fireshock and no one was expecting it to happen but Mumbai GST Bhavan got fire and the upper floor buildings were in the contact of the fire. GST Bhavan is now being taken cared by the firefighter department of Mumbai and there are more than 5 firefighter vehicles deployed to handle the situation. GST Bhavan Mumbai has been in the contact of fire and as reported the fire is of level-1 and there are many brave officers in the country to make happen this very safely. GST Bhavan is the main place where terms related to GST are directly reported and this building was the main branch where it happened. Don't you all worry now the situation is now under control and Police has also arrived there to take care of all problems and many people helping each other in this time shows how unite we are, We all know in this era everything is digital so if your brain is questioning from you that what if the important files have burnt? The answer is it is safe there on the cloud which will be recovered whenever needed and all important files of GST bhavan should be somewhere safe on the cloud. GST bhavan fire has taken everyone in panic situation because it arised from nowhere and took the building in his control but our experienced and well trained officers will make everything go smooth and if there are any case of injury there is ambulance to take care. GST Bhavan is in situation of being restructured because now it's 8th floor is totally burned and now everything existed there turned in black now. We have to wait for any complaint on any missing person or any serious injury.

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