Bomb blast in Ayodhya 2 injured 1 arrested

Bomb blast in Ayodhya 2 injured 1 arrested

Bomb blast in Ayodhya -

Bomb blast in Ayodhya has set everyone in shock that in that much sensitive area this kind of activity how may get happen. Ayodhya is a religious place of Hindus and there was a bomb blast 3 days ago and 2 people were injured in Ayodhya bomb blast and 1 guys was arrested responsible for this matter. In Ayodhya's Kanshiram's Kanshiram's awas 3 days ao bomb blast took the attention of the mob and now everyone is keen to know why there was a bomb blast in Ayodhya.

How bomb blast in Ayodhya took place -

Bomb blast in Ayodhya was not done by some terrorists, it was done by a husband who did find her wife in some uncertain situation with her lover that made the man very angry and he get outside of there at that time but he came back after some time and there he did blasted 3 desi hand bombs in Kanshirma's awas. Bomb blast in Ayodhya took this situation only because of some bad elements. People say that they heard a very loud noise of some blast and 2 more coming back to back and where the bomb blast in Ayodhya was happening there was a cloudy atmosphere everywhere because of the hand bomb. Nothing was clearly visible so everyone wishing to get out of that situation was having problems because they were unable to see anything because of the hand bomb clouds.

Authorities immediately took action to arrest the guy for this kind of behavior and he was arrested very after he did this and a man who explained the whole story of there said that his wife was having some external affair her husband was aware of this and he use to beat her and scold her for this reason she already had called the cops in the past many times and this time it was out of his control because he did found her wife in some uncertain situation with her lover so all this happened.

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